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Roofing / Renovation

Roofing: Protective cap following your home style.
A better awareness of the roof means to allow every chance of success for better choices and better advice from a professional. This part of the house requires specific knowledge in terms of materials and mastery of assembly techniques. The most common materials used in Luxembourg are slate, tile, zinc and copper.

All models of clay tiles fall into three categories. There are Roman tiles, flat tiles or interlocking tiles, appropriate to the slope of your roof being steep or gentle.
The profiles of these tiles vary. But whether the shape, weight, colour or method of covering, their sturdiness resists to acid rains and adapts to all environments.

Zinc and copper are traditional materials having evolved considerably. The alloy is made from pure zinc, mixed with copper and titanium to improve its technical properties.
With this galvanizing process, zinc is protected against rust and corrosion.
Another advantage: zinc can be easily formed, adapting to all kinds of shapes (straight, curved or complex ones).
From metallic or patina appearance, it also comes in six colours (double coated zinc).

Finally, slate may be an alternative to other materials. This non-porous stone is frost-resistant, hard wearing and non combustible.
In red, blue, green, gray or black colour as per the deposits, its thickness varies from 4.0 mm to 7.0 mm.
Slate, like other materials, requires the intervention of roofers mastering studded or hooked installation techniques.
Depending on the quality of the stone (price-quality relationship), it can last up to 50 to 60 years!

Finally, regardless of the material chosen, the roofing function is, of course, to protect the house against bad weather. Any water ingress can have serious consequences. Thus, the only solution for quality roofing without incident, is to call on a skilled worker. Do not underestimate the decorative function of the surface. In the context of refurbishment, removing the existing roof to change its shape or colour may change the character of your home.