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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation, a worthwhile investment.
If there is an area that requires the intervention of specialists, no doubt, it's the one of thermal insulation. The completion of this process can provide many benefits.

First, thermal insulation enables you to reduce heat losses through the roof. Your need of heating reduces and your bill gets lighter. In summer, thermal insulation blocks external heat, thus reducing the energy consumption for air-conditioning.
Another advantage of thermal insulation is the increase of your comfort. A well insulated roof eliminates the "cold wall effect", ages better and thus requires less maintenance. In addition and to be more efficient, thermal insulation must be associated with natural or forced ventilation that only a professional can properly perform.

Moreover, the activity is subject to numerous regulations related to insulating products, financial support or type of housing. With a range of materials for floors, ceilings, windows, indoors or outdoors, an expert diagnosis will bring you effective solutions.
In the case of old houses, we'll choose the most appropriate insulating solution; for new buildings, we will comply with the thermal insulation regulations in force. These measures aim to reduce energy consumption in homes. For the construction of a building, the architect or engineer must establish an energy performance diagnosis of the housing and of the construction and give it to the future owner.
Furthermore, whether you are the owner or a tenant, you are entitled to a 3% VAT reduced rate for the supply of thermal insulation materials and labour.

In summary, with thermal insulation, you are wining in terms of comfort, environmental protection and expenditures